Incorporated 1942, to promote and encourage the advancement and betterment of the heat and frost insulation industry.

To promote the highest standards of workmanship and ethical trade practices by members of the Association.

To establish and maintain a better understanding and goodwill and to promote and foster confidence and cooperation amongst: the Association, the members of the Association, the Union, the Union membership, other associations, the government and the public.

To obtain, disseminate and exchange information regarding all matters conducive to the improvement of conditions within the industry.

To consider the form of contracts, specifications and bonds and make representations to the appropriate officials, governments and corporations with respect to them, as may be required.

To participate in the promotion and development of the bid depository system across the Province of Ontario.

To represent the members of the Association and any other persons whom the Association may be entitled to represent,  in any grievance before the Ontario Labour Relations Board, in any court proceeding or legal matter, or any other matter pertaining to the insulation construction industry in the Province of Ontario or any other geographic area.

To continue being the accredited Employer Bargaining Agent  (hereinafter referred to as the EBA) under The Ontario Labour Relations Act regulating relations between Employers and Employees in the insulation construction industry.

To negotiate a Collective Agreement on behalf of the Active Members of the Association, or authorize some other association or organization or individual to negotiate on their behalf in the best interests of the Active Members of the Association with respect to the insulation construction industry.

Updated:  May 24th, 2012